Why Virtual Brands are Amazing

Minimizing Risk

Mitigating risk is essential when creating innovative products and services. Virtual brands allow you to test many small bets without going all-in too early.

Real Market Feedback

We conduct in-depth interviews with real customers who clicked on an online ad, visited the virtual brand website and signed up to buy the product as soon as you are ready to launch (the actual product does not yet exist at this point!).

Minimal Internal Ressources

All we need from you is an exploration field, one day with the sprint team and a few check-ins with the project lead. We create two new brands, two websites, a customer survey and ad campaigns for each brand to generate traffic.


The virtual brand sprint  generates both quantitative and qualitative customer insights. Additionally the product, brand- and webdesign are foundations you may build upon if you decide to push further ahead with one or both brands.

Two Virtual Brands

Any idea can be implemented in an infinite number of ways. That is why we usually create two virtual brands, as it allows us to directly compare two very different approaches with distinct concepts, product designs and target groups.

No Politics

It is always a challenge to get internal approvals when you want to test a new product or service with your existing brand. That is why we often launch with a new brand, a virtual brand! So you can get real market feedback without putting your reputation at risk.

Check out some of the virtual brands we created for our clients.

What our clients say:

«We want to minimize risks when it comes to innovations. Therefore we create virtual brands together with innohack and test them on the market. So we can visualize an idea very fast and get concrete data of what works and what doesn't work.»

Patricia Urfer
Manager New Business & Innovation @Emmi