DESIGN Sprint with Implenia

🎯 Challenge: Can we make sure architects use a digital toolbox to design exterior spaces?

🏑 Situation: Implenia was looking to add a diverse set of new products and services to their portfolio. Exterior space appears to be more of a side note in today's planning process. Therefore, a digital toolbox should contribute to adding value to this "lost space".

πŸ“² Description of the Prototype: The clickable prototype encapsulated both, a rigorous focus on future inhabitants as well as a streamlining of the planning process of exterior spaces. Meanwhile the digital context was based on tools regularly used by architects in development and planning.

πŸ§ͺ Test Setup: The prototype was tested with five architects from various backgrounds. From conceptual to practical perspectives, the inputs allowed the project team to synthesize the most crucial part of the idea moving forward into the next iteration.

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