Validation Sprint with Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

🎯 Challenge: Can we convince customers to book a luxury train experience on the world-famous Gornergrat?

🚞 Situation: Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGBahn) and Rhätische Bahn had successfully launched «Excellence Class» - a luxury train experience with the Glacier Express. Now MGBahn wondered whether a similar concept could work for the historic Gornergrat Bahn as well and wanted to test this within only 3 days.

🚀 Workshop: We kicked things off with a workshop day in Brig. Together with the MGBahn team, we developed a first version of this new mobility concept. Next, we invited (potential) clients from all over Switzerland and let them challenge our ideas. Based on their input, we refined the concept.

📲 Prototype: On the second day, we formulated a value proposition based on the insights from the workshop. Next, we registered a domain and built a landing page to showcase the new offer. We used scenic photos from the MGBahn archive to create a realistic offer and launched the website the same day.

🧪 Testing: MGBahn used their existing social media channels to reach the target audience. Potential customers could register and get early access to buy tickets ahead of everyone else. We also asked them a few short questions to better understand what they liked about the concept. Thanks to the positive feedback, MG Bahn decided to pursue Premium Class. 👉 See for yourself:

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