About us


Yves Terrier
Insights Lead

Yves is a growth hacker and obsessed with numbers. But as a marketing & communication major, he also knows how to turn data into insights and tell a compelling story. Yves analyzes usage data and conducts customer interviews to create and improve innovative products. He will quickly hack together a solution using no-code tools and manual workarounds to validate ideas early on.

Anna Nerz-Jost
Creative Lead

What excites Anna, is to go on meaningful adventures together. To create new products and experiences she draws from her previous roles in the product-, retail-, drinks- and streetwear industry. What she plays around with at night are new cocktail concoctions inspired by touch, scent, music and art.

Raphael Nerz
Business Design Lead

Raphael has a knack for gathering and transfering insights between different industries and innovation teams. He is fascinated by the journey of moving from messy creativity to concrete solutions and loves to see people thrive in unchartered territory. Drawing from his diverse experiences from the corporate innovation and startup space he is eager to test business ideas and to prototype the future.

Expert Network

We collaborate with domain experts to crack very specific problems. Our network of specialists complements our skills in the areas of product & UX design, user research, artificial intelligence, system architecture, sales and law.

Sophie Buergin
Product Discovery / User Insights

Sophie has a background in Human Centered Design Methodologies and Design Ethnography. She inspires teams to make product decisions with real human perspectives, thanks to her expertise in end-user interviews, rapid experimentation and assumption testing.

Didier Bertschinger
UI/UX Design Expert

Didier understands design as a wholistic, long term approach to problem solving. Adaptable processes, good communication, analytical and creative thinking are as important to him as a structured user interface and enjoyable user experience. He incorporates these values as a Co-Founder within his company Redefine.

Patrick Trümpi
Sales Advisor

Patrick is passionate about helping clients succeed and solve their toughest challenges. He started his sales career more than ten years ago, and, in his last position, was responsible for Starmind's growth in North America. Recently, he moved back to Switzerland and joined the startup LARI to build up the sales organization.

Philipp Lehmann
UI/UX Design Expert

Philipp is a User Experience Designer and Co-Founder of Redefine. He favors a hands on approach, likes the beauty of design systems and is a prototyping specialist. Whenever possible he explores the possibilities of generative design.

Riccardo Trombini
System Architect & Lead Developer

Riccardo is a specialist for system architecture. He knows which technology stack to use, whether to build a monolith or micro-services, and what can be built during a sprint. He has developed multiple MVPs and is also an expert for agile project methods.

Simon Jakob
Legal Advisor

Simon is not the typical lawyer you would think of. With his pragmatic manner, he has a good hand for prioritizing legal tasks. As a digital native, he is very familiar with new business models and innovation and enjoys being involved with innohack.

Lucas Vandroux
Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer.

Lucas is a Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer. After working on self-driving cars and other crazy projects in the industry, he is now helping companies solve their biggest automation challenges by using the latest computer vision and deep learning technologies.